The founders of Elfatek Elektronik who have brought their 15 years of experience in the industrial electronics sector to the Crane remote control sector in 2006, have produced the first crane remote controls with 80 channels and 120 hours of operating life in Turkey with the project support of TUBITAK.Now; 3D printer, Tour Switch, Load Switch, Load Switch External Display, Collision Sensor, Joystick Control, voice and light warning system has enriched the product portfolio.

Elfatek produces all electronic parts, software and mechanical parts of its remote controls under its own roof. Elfatek has become the leading crane remote control producer and designer of Turkey with its technological infrastructure investments and continuous research and development activities up to now.

The firm continues its activities with its young and dynamic engineer staff for developing the high-performance and high-quality products required by the industry.

Our company, as of 27.10.2017 date by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in Industrial Electronics sector  1st in  Konya, 41st in Turkey is certified as  R & D center. We export to 121 countries on this road, which we have started with the vision of “to develop industrial products at international level and become a leading company in R & D.” With its young and dynamic engineers, it continues its activities in order to develop high-performance and high-quality products that the industry needs.

Crane Control and Crane Controls

Product Range; Crane load control systems, crane load control systems, crane load control systems, crane load control systems, crane load control systems, crane load control systems. All of our products are produced by our domestic producers. All products are made from over 70% domestic capital and domestic materials. Elfatek Electronics is a research and development organizations operating in Turkey, industry leaders are eligible. Elfatek Electronics exports to more than 10 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Elfatek Electronics, crane engines, crane scales, crane systems, crane systems. Our products are patented and trademarked, our products have iso certificates. Many of our products have a 2-year warranty. It produces all electronic, software and mechanical parts of Elfatek's controls in its own frame. Elfatek R & D activities with some of Turkey's leading producer and manufacturer. Together with our young and dynamic engineers, we continue with our principles and motivation for high performance and quality products.

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